Monday, September 2, 2019

Rusty At The Beach

The Old Bahia Honda Bridge has been my salvation this long searingly hot summer. 
When I bring Rusty here I get to distract myself with seascapes eminently photographable:
And a summer filled with clouds and flat seas fills me with wonder at the beauty of nature.
I am not fond of drone photography, sunset photography and palm tree photography which around here tends to turn to cliche.
But the scenery here tends to drive me to overcome my scruples.
I enjoy walking here as its the only place in the Keys whee you get some height over the water as this is where Flagler's engineers built up a huge ramp to the bridge to enable his trains to climb the grade in 1912 to cross the Deep Bay (Bahia Honda).

The old water pump for the 1942  pipeline got its coup de grace from Hurricane Irma in September 2017. They brought in a backhoe to knock the rest down to make it safer I guess. This is all that's left with the ridiculous No Trespassing sign, the one posted for idiots. 
This used to be a green and pleasant view before that awful storm killed everything.
Forgive my nostalgia but I remember it like this and I miss it:
It was lovely when less ravaged:
Cheyenne engaged in thorough but delicate investigation:
And now it is Rusty's turn to pick up where Cheyenne left off:
And he does it well:

Nothing was left unravaged by the storm:
The old water pipe uncovered: