Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cheyenne At Home

I sit on the couch sometimes. Sometime I just sit and other times I sit and think. Occasionally I sit and type while thinking and on those occasions I might have a camera alongside. And if my Labrador happens to be lounging around within sight, as is usually the case, then I take a picture.

She has a bed but in summer when it's hot she often prefers the wooden floor.

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Big Torch Key

I was wondering what to do with myself, looking for excitement and adventure. So I went back to Big Torch Key.

However I wanted more and in the land of not my choices were limited. I went out into the wilderness which isn't so wild when you consider the county mows the verges.

The osprey nest hovering over Dorn Road has grown bigger over the past year.

The right angled corners over the course of Dorn Road's eight miles are still there and well signposted.

Speed limits are rather restrictive especially when you consider this place is an excellent spot to bring your motorcycle and GPS to do some quick speed tests.

You may notice in the picture above that there are no electrical wires and that's because there are a cole of homes beyond the reach of the grid. No Name Key is getting electricity but Dorn Road's northern tip isn't. The residents aren't especially friendly.

Mind you, I'd be even less friendly if I had to live in a mud pit miles from anywhere with no amenities.

Finally the epic long distance ride came to a conclusion eight miles from Highway One. The red diamonds mark the end of all side roads in the Keys.

A water glimpse across the mangroves.

My companion poked around a bit but gave up trying to find anything of interest.

Mostly out here you will see nothing much. A few isolated houses, lots of mangroves and some water, on the ground and in the air. Check it out.

This experience may not last much longer. The road is crumbling in places.

The heaves are getting more pronounced and I doubt there is any public money to fix this remoteness.

Taking a speed test here without checking the road ahead would be decided incautious.

A four wheel drive will soon be needed.

I wonder if these people tucked away in their art studios in the bushes have prepared for road deterioration?

There is a community of homes close to highway one, stilt homes all clustered together like a laager against the darkness of the wilderness around them.

It's just another Keys subdivision.

And of curse a Conch Republic flag. Everyone wants to belong.

It was raining on Big Pine.

The Niles Channel Bridge was clearly visible.

A house buried in mosquito country:

The fabulous Florida Keys:

Interrupted by a few homes along the way.


And a Spanish Castillo burdened with a flappy blue awning.

See? There's lots to see among the mangroves.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Urban Sunset

Ocean Key sits on the north end of Duval Street, a fortress hotel that manages to keep at bay the noise and confusion of the hard drinking bars that litter this end of the most famous street in Key West. However they have a pier with a tiki bar on it.

A place to sit and think about what a sunset means to you. Not everyone has to go to Mallory Square to see the end of the day.

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Dog Shadows

Crazy isn't it, here's my dog wondering why can't I just get a move on? Because I am taking her picture, that's why.

She doesn't need me, even here on the sidewalk unprotected from the traffic except by her good sense and the hours of training I have given her.

We hang out a lot together and of all the people in my life Cheyenne actually pays attention to me. So when I say "Wait," she waits for me at intersections. When I say "Stop!" she stops. It's brilliant and thus very low stress to walk her off leash.

It turned out the shoulder of Highway One wasn't that interesting so we got back in the car and left.

It was pretty though.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bridge Walk

A hazy sunny morning alongside the Overseas Highway.

A dog chasing left over fish bait.

Back off, it's mine.

If not commuting, exercising.

I read the paper, Cheyenne breakfasted. A fine start to the day.

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Useless Crocs

A hot summer afternoon in Key West with Duval Street littered with pedestrians enjoying a street fair. On my stroll I noticed a shop not previously seen by me, unsurprisingly, so in defiance of my not-a-shopper attitude I went in to see the Croc Store.

I recently got my newest pair of size 12 pink Crocs and a spare pair for 50% off, $15 each the Birkenstock store in the middle of Duval. The clerk told me she can't sell 'em so I am welcome to as many pairs as they have half off...I went into the Croc store to see if they had a more secure supply of my favorite footwear which lasts me about six months.

These two pictures I shot in the men's department and judging by the earth tones most men must plan to go hunting in their Crocs. I certainly don't. Imagine my disappointment when I looked around at all the new and improved styles of rubber footwear in fashionable molds and my basic pink pink clunkers were nowhere to be seen.

I found the pink ones eventually in the unisex department (?) and to my horror the largest size is men's size nine. My size 12 dinner plates were nowhere to be seen. Fat load of good a whole specialized Croc store is!

I do get comments about my choice of pink footwear but my theory is anyone scared of me and my sexual proclivities because I wear pink Crocs is probably too boring to be worth talking to anyway. Besides if straight men are too scared of them and gay men find them too ugly I am in the perfect position to take advantage of half priced footwear - if I can find them! That is how I hunt in Crocs, for pink footwear.

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