Monday, April 29, 2019

Rusty Walk

A few easy going pictures of me and the hound out enjoying beautiful morning weather in the back country. 
The skies have been exceptional with white clouds on a blue background - just lovely.
Joe Cool is happy.
I'm happy playing with my camera!

What a lovely way to start or end the day, me my camera and above all my dog.
In all this open space never imagined by the crowds shuffling along the Duval Bar Crawl.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Old Bahia Bridge

It was too much to hope for a bright sparkly sunrise with all the clouds overhead but a late cold front brought energizing cool air so we got energetic did Rusty and I.
I went bird spotting and he went looking for other things which he did not seem to find whatever they were.

And then the motorcycles went by on the highway and I was reminded I can ride again after seven months away.
 And I can walk gravel trails, at least some of them, even without my cane which I am trying to ditch to encourage me to walk straight.
The surgeon told me most of the physical improvement I will see will come in the first year of recovery so I am exercising like mad, walking Rusty and going to the gym to make my legs work properly.
 Walking provides opportunities for photography:

 And opportunities for Rusty:

 And what happened here I have no idea:

 King of the Castle:

 Hurricane Irma tore the area under the bridge apart. Now closed to people:
 The Old Bahia Honda Bridge:

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Paint And Art In The Woods

Hitting the dirt is getting easier and easier for me, even nowadays when I walk without even a cane!
 I used to come out all the time to check out the abandoned cement pipes in the mangroves. 
 Finally I was able to make it back and enjoy the informal paintball field and open air artwork:

 Open warfare across trenches of pipes:

My constant companion:

 The paint ballers are funny: they use old carpet to protect their knees from...
...paintball fire:
 The pipe field by the light of the setting sun:

 A rusting trailer:
 How this rubber dinghy got here I can't imagine, miles from tidal water access:

 Oolite rocks, particular to the area with their funny cheese-like holes:
Civilization in the distance: