Sunday, May 5, 2019

Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade

Had you been wandering down Greene Street yesterday before lunch you might have seen, as did I, a large bright green iguana gliding down the street.
 So large was the lizard a woman was holding its tail off the ground as it went down the street.
Further down the street Star Wars machinery appeared pedaling firmly as they went. Yesterday was indeed the Fourth of May and the force may well have been with them.
Some passerby identified this female in costume but I forget what they called her so possibly she was part of the parade. Or not.  It was one of those days yesterday, you never knew what you were going to see. Earlier in the morning walking Rusty in the leafy streets of the Casa Marina district our path was crossed by a  bare chested man on a bicycle wearing a scarlet tutu. I have no idea what that was about either. Just one of those days.
Meanwhile the force was not entirely with the starships as the light on Duval Street went red against them and held them up for a bit in traffic.
 And looking the other way a few more pedal powered machines appeared in front of Sloppy Joe's.
 Followed by what appeared to be large insects.
 Just another day on the road to the Custom House on Front Street.
 Which was where they were all supposed to assemble:
In  2009 I went by the East Martello Museum on South Roosevelt and had my first encounter with the art of Stanley Papio. His heavy metal sculptures were not well received in his neighborhood. His art was other people's junk.
Nowadays in the Keys he is celebrated as an icon of local art. Jolly good.
This sort of mobile mobile is  in honor of the dynamic junkman! Perfectly suited.
 I wandered around with my wife checking out the exhibits.
 The middle school behind the police station:

 Not sure what this was all about but lots of string was involved:

Two cruise ships were tied up at the docks. I don't know what their passengers would have made of all this:

 No vehicles except..possibly...
The permanent exhibit of Johnson sculptures was also getting some action from the kids in the background who were enjoying the mariachis.

 The peanut gallery! Looked like fun but we had an exercise class to attend:
 The MARC House exhibit:

 And the British Racing Car  club had a giant pedal powered car on display. It looked excellent:

 Don't ask I never saw what was inside the box:

 We left before the parade started:
 And still they were arriving:
A good morning's work. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Spring Has Sprung

I found myself photographing flowers Rusty and I walked around town. Why? Why not ? I act on a  whim sometimes.

 Rusty took the wrong way round a potted plant but it was all good natured. 
 Red seagrape leaf on red car:
  No idea what any of these plants are called.

 A plastic flamingo isn't strictly speaking a plant but I figured it could fit in here well enough.
Have a  properly spring-like weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Highway Milestone

I was riding home actually looking for a scooter tag for the Adventure Rider motorcycle forum and I case up with a roadside memorial which was also an encouragement to stop my headlong flight.
I went for a slow speed walk on my not completely stable legs and yet managed to scramble down to the water through the bushes.

I looked back and for once had a  skyline so I took advantage.
The next morning I took Rusty into the backwoods for a walk. To my astonishment  I measured a 1.3 mile walk along the empty road. 
I walked to a sign post then walked back to the car and drive the same distance measuring it on the mileometer.
I  walked to a sign post and then back to the car. Then I drove the distance and was surprised to see how far I'd gone.
I wrapped up physical therapy last week when I could balance on each leg and measured pretty much normal strength in my limbs and claimed the ability to walk a le with some difficulty so I wanted to double check my optimism.
In the cool of the morning Rusty ran ahead and waited as I stumped along to catch up.
I think of him as my encouragement to walk.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Solares Hill Night

Me the dog and the iPhone at four in the morning. The curse of not being able to sleep on your night off when you work night shift and your dog wants to go for a walk. This is how you make lemonade out of that particular lemon.

Genuine Buddy 50cc scooters.
The always popular New York eatery in Key West. Lines are too long for me to be tempted:
The county health building on Simonton, named for the cigar family that built it, so it is called the Gato Building as a reminder of past glories:

Streets at random, no one around except me and Rusty and the occasional bar hopper tripping home.

Rusty at Simonton and Olivia Streets.

In the annals of cryptic messaging I thought this one below rated quite high.
Not an accidentally open door (Ithink) but a communal entrance left open and inviting possibly on purpose.
A very used phone booth now apparently sitting as ornament. I find myself irrationally tempted to miss payphones but I have the capacity to remember what a pain in the ass they were.  Calling cards made them easier to use but all that stuff fumbling with coins and finding ones not vandalized and so forth. Cell phones - another reason to love them.