Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Rusty And The Dawn

It was after a night off  that I woke up near 5:30 and we left the house immediately. 
 Dawn was creeping up the sky as I finished the twenty minute drive to my spot in the mangroves.
 We were so alone on the road there were no birds even, probably beaten down by the heat.
So I turned to still life to amuse myself while Himself rooted around .
 It was so hot humid and still the puddles of rainwater and high tide looked like the cliche mirror.
 I enjoyed looking at the world upside down.

 And at least one splash of color:
 Most of this is reflection:
 Then there was Rusty, a  mysterious shadow in the dark at the side of the road.
 He was hot too.

 A dark shade slipping along silently.

 The sun started to appear. 
 He was done and trotted round the corner to the car, ahead of me:

He stays at my side pacing me, helping me get back the use of my legs, testing me and encouraging me to keep walking, putting one stiff leg in front of the other. Then he stops and sits and looks back at me to get me going again. Just him and me in the silence of the early morning.

He forces me to walk and after all those weeks in bed unable to move its only by dint of his persuasion and encouragement constantly at my side that I've got my legs back. That and even more time in the gym later in the day.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Flora And Fauna

I was trying to be patient waiting for them to take off and stop roosting.

 I never got quite that lucky.
 Though I did get to ponder the blimp versus the ibis.

 I laid myself down in the middle of the road to think for a while.
 I never do take walking for granted. Even now each step is a considered movement.
 My bionic pelvis and I are almost one year on from the near fatal wreck on US One.
 I walk and point my camera. 
 He is as glad as I am to be alive.
 A few palm pictures to offer you a look at Nature's symmetry and start your week off right.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Simonton Beach

Finding oneself downtown a quick trip to Simonton Beach, a tiny strip of sand overlooking the harbor, can be just the thing. Look at water, look at boats and set aside for a moment the crowds and the cars.
Of course an early arrival can lead to one stumbling across rough sleepers unable to wake up and face the day as fresh as Rusty and I might be at that moment.
Rusty was beady eyed and bushy tailed.
And the boaters were starting their morning parade to the fishing grounds:

Chugging downwind sails tightly furled:

There used to be a public toilet at Simonton Beach but no good came of an unattended building so hey turned it into a beach bar, a much more successful use of space says the city.

A Miami dog showed up and the two played.
His owner told me a five dollar donation to a rescue organization in Mexico City got him the dog when he was living there and the dog came home to Miami Beach.
They went of to continue their Key West vacation. Easy come, easy go:
We watched the clouds for a little while longer before we got on with sweating out one more downtown walk early in the day.