Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Cemetery And McDonald's

A short city walk on a hot afternoon produced a few pictures and no deep thoughts:
 The Key West Citizen - Friday, February 22, 2002

Barbara Mae Whitehead, affectionately called ""Bobbie," was born on June 22, 1921 in Key West. A life-long resident of Key West, she departed this life on Feb. 20, 2002, at Lower Keys Medical Center after an extended illness. 

Bobbie made an impact on the lives of all who were graced with her presence. She will always be remembered and appreciated. 

Bobbie was a member of the Key West United Methodist Church and she owned and operated Bobbie's Beauty Salon. She will be greatly missed by her loving family and many friends, especially those at Dennis Pharmacy. 
The old Conch shell at the cemetery was adorned with a wine bottle oddly enough:
We couldn't go in to check on it!
Rusty contented himself with things at his eye level:
And I at mine:
I stopped at McDonald's on North Roosevelt for a salad as recommended by my absent wife and found these bicycles blocking the wheelchair ramp. These days I notice this sort of thing and though I kept my irritation to myself I did post something on Facebook, which is not something I do very often.
And there was lots of room at the bike rack or almost anywhere in the private parking lot. Grrr.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Mangrove Sunrise

And to end the week a few pictures of typical morning walks with Rusty:

 Reflected in the water:

 Sleeping boy:

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jack Watson Trail

Here's another place I haven't visited in a while, the nature trail on Big Pine Key, off Key Deer Boulevard.
 It's a large expanse of not too much, scrubby pines and rustling palm fronds, home to a gravel trail and a lot of informative signs:

 It's named for the first warden of Key Deer, the man responsible for saving them from hunting and extinction:

 Rusty could smella  few things going on away from the trail.

 It is a pleasant walk lacking only shade on a  July afternoon.

He is very patient o leash and doesn't tug or struggle with me. He could easily chew through it in seconds if he felt like it.
 A few years ago a controlled burn got out of control and burned more than a hundred acres, which is a lot around here and you can still see evidence of it:
 From the Monroe County website this reminder:
Image result for big pine key uncontrolled burn
For the most part the vegetation has recovered even though there many dead pine trees as a reminder of that bizarre week of burning:

 The  old mosquito control, a fish trench populated with fish that eat mosquito larvae: 

 Known as gambusia trenches after the fish that were put in them:
 You are here, a thirty minute walk through the woods:

 The Mannillo trail was designed and built for people in wheelchairs. I last walked it in 2011 LINK.

 And we have  a nice paved parking lot:

 Key Deer Boulevard. A couple of miles down there is Big Pine's supermarket and traffic light.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Truman Waterfront

I wanted to look at the sea so I took a drive by Truman Waterfront just to see how it all looked. No change, as you might expect but I enjoyed watching the activity on the water.
This enterprising young couple were more interested in each other. They are sitting on benches lined up on the Inner Mole. The seawall across the water is the Outer Mole and the water in between is the Navy Basin. Apparently the cement was quite hot as their bare feet couldn't take it when they finally got up. It was a scorcher.
I visited the Ingham Coast Guard ship almost exactly four years ago: LINK. I wasn't too keen to go back onboard, like I said he heat is debilitating. The floating museum is tied up at the Inner Mole of the Navy Basin.
The Police Department's boat was keeping en eye on things in the harbor. Sunset Key is in the background:
 Somebody has to keep the place clean, even in this heat.
 I took advantage of the rather nice water fountain to refill Rusty's water bottle in the car.
I thought this was the police boat patrolling bu on closer inspection it's the Coast Guard. Lots of activity in the harbor!
 There was a nice breeze blowing which spread the red and white  State of Florida flag alongside the dark blue Conch Republic flag flying on the Ingham.
And no, the riders in the sky were not landing on the roof on Sunset Key. It's just a perspective illusion:
 I took this picture of a house inside Truman Annex but overlooking the waterfront:
 And finally a glimpse of the splendid new water display to keep the family cool on a hot summer day. It looked excellent.