Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Flying By Hoyer Lift

If you are lucky enough to have never dealt with a Hoyer Lift consider yourself blessed.  It’s a crane used to get immobile people into and out of beds and chairs. Here’s  the company literature on the subject of this very useful tool:

They roll you from side to side in bed and put what amounts to a huge IKEA bag under you with six loops all round it.  Then they bring the lift into your room and attach loops to hooks on the machine. 

Sosa a nurse’s aide got me out of bed and into my wheelchair all by himself. He’s prettty smart and very compassionate like everyone at Health South. And efficient: 

So there you hang like a sack of potatoes and I love it! It’s like flying. The bag holds you distributing your weight evenly and you are up in the air smiling like a big fat newborn.  Getting photobombed (I told you these people are amazing). Hilarious. 

After Physical Therapy they rolled me back to my room in the wheelchair and left me to have lunch sitting up with a promise of a return later to Hoyer me back to bed.  Which was great for a change but after half an hour I felt myself slipping forward in the chair. Hmm.  That’s not right. As you can see below my feet are in no position to support me yet. 

Well, with my left foot not on the support and my right leg broken in two places there was no way to stop the slide. My emergency button was out of reach - duh! - and the door was closed but I started yelling. “Help! Room 508! Help! Someone? Help! Anyone!” After scrambling a bit and trying to gain time by wiggling I reached the button and caught it as it fell toward the floor.  Help arrived. Lots of help. They righted the tilting ship that was Conchscooter in his wheelchair and a party ensued. 

You lovely people.  Lots of laughs. Back to bed. Bring on the Hoyer Lift I say!