Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Key West Bight

It was early in the day,  a slow walk around the harbor with Rusty in one hand my cane in the other and my camera around my neck. I have been struggling with low light situation that always seem to come out better with my iPhone and i wanted to see how to get the Panasonic to do better. I knew the problem was me.
I set the camera in full automatic mode figuring that would replicate the phone camera and the results seemed to improve. So off we went.
My life has slipped back into a certain routine, commuting up the highway, dropping into town from the suburbs and then drifting back to the suburbs alongside Highway 1.
We have been talking about how to get me swimming this summer, a desire that was spurred by the sight of a woman pulling herself down our canal with a powerful over arm stroke. I have so much weakness to overcome I figured buying a long aluminum ladder would enable me to bypass the vertical dock steps we normally use to get in the water. I find the idea fascinating and I am going to investigate further. If the canal is impossibly deep the ladder would have to be impossibly long to get a decent angle to climb out, but I live in hope...
Walking the docks put me in mind of sunset cruises which I haven't done in ages. I am in a reflective enough mood these days watching the sunset might be quite the thing to do. Must be the influence of all these boats. We went ahead, Rusty and I, loitering on our way.
The boat is a  charter operation yet it looked more like a quiet comfortable study afloat....I was impressed!
Hindu is quite a well known boat, a traditional wooden boat that has apparently attracted a more modern catamaran sidekick.
Reality intrudes, as this is also a gas station,
...and there was a customer getting ready for a day on the water one imagines:
Rusty sat beside me and I sat and pondered boats afloat, a world away.
Looking to the east the sun was coming up and infusing the sky, we walked towards it drawn like moths to the light.
Cuban Joe's they call the independent hardware store, filled with fisherman's needs and sailor's accessories holding the line against mass marketing and chain stores. 
And soon enough the sun was up, the light was white and we were homeward bound.