Monday, November 27, 2017

Key West Artisan Market

Yesterday was a perfect day to be out  and about shopping. It must have been a good day to be out because the place was pretty crowded.
We went to the market with the idea that it was a farmer's market but it isn't. I think that one goes on in Bayview Park. Still if you want soap or crystal infused oils (I kid you not) this is the place for you.
I love the rusty old roof tat survives from the days when this was Cates Automotive selling cars. 
I quite liked the painted glasses but we are bulging with crystal ware at home so I had to restrain myself.
Yes, I have no idea why he was drumming on the roof of his van and he was too elevated and too noisy to ask. So I didn't.
 There was also more conventional music. It was aimed at us old farts with sixties classics.

I love November in Key West with low humidity lots of sunshine and these clear blue skies.  
Sure I like the drama of summer thunderstorms and huge anvil clouds and downpours, but this is nice too.  
I kind of didn't look too closely at stuff but my wife  did some shopping while Rusty and I stood there. 
One thing I did find (on my way to the loo)  was a local coffee roaster for sale in the restaurant store.
 Oh and by the way best come on two wheels or be prepared to walk a  few blocks:
Honey, pickles and charms. Not much in the way of parsnips and cucumbers but that's okay. The Farmer's Market should be firing up soon in Big Pine on Saturdays. May be it already has.