Saturday, November 10, 2012

Arcadia, Florida

It's when you get away from the Keys that the limitations of life in the long thin peninsula become apparent. For instance on my recent road trip to mainland Florida I came across this bizarre conundrum. Two thin pieces of metal curving away parallel to infinity. Whatever could they be for?

We were in Arcadia the capital of cowboy country and home of the Arcadian newspaper apparently. Cheyenne rejected the offer of a city walk on the grounds of heat exhaustion and sheer bloody mindedness and decided to defy me and take a nap in the shade of the newspaper offices. I was disappointed as I wanted to take a walk as I quite like how different Acadia is.

Like I said, this is cowboy country and they are quite fond of that fact, witness this casual looking dude:

This is the seat of Desoto County, a city founded in the 19th century and named after a child who baked a birthday cake for a local bigwig. So he named the nascent town in Arcadia's honor. The census thinks 6600 people live in town. Cool, but I'm pretty sure they won't be embracing weird guys in pink Crocs in this town.







There is quite the Latin farm worker population here too.


I guess I should be over being surprised especially in farm country but when I see Mexicans in Homestead and Guatemalans in Burnsville North Carolina I am always a little surprised. The world of he Joad family really is long gone.


Central Florida. a different world.