Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday In Pictures

I have been greatly enjoying my Panasonic Lumix FZ300 and I have packed more photos than I can handle into my Google account. I hope they give you some cheer this Friday still in winter.
The joys of the telephoto lense, a single non removable 25-600mm job augmented to 2400mm (!) digitally. The modern camera electronics astonish me. 
The camera is rainproof, dustproof (they say) and has built in wi-fi making it simple to transfer pictures to my iPhone where I can adjust them and post them in the normal way.
I enjoy my iPhone camera of course but the Lumix does add a couple of extra dimensions, distance shots and depth of field which latter is bit more subtle in a digital camera than an old SLR.
The digital camera even when set to f2.8 struggles to overcome and compensate making it trickier than I expected to get decent depth of field. 
But I do like playing with the manual settings and some of the custom features too.