Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Heat And A Fever

I got a dose of head cold from the kids at work. Sitting in a room for twelve hours spreads germs like you wouldn't believe and this bug has been going around, where you live no doubt as much as it is in the Southernmost City. We wipe the consoles with anti bacterial foul smelling wet rags and here I am, sitting on the couch where I sleep, eyes and nose streaming, feeling very sorry for myself. My wife gives me soup and sympathy but I am ready to be whole again, thank you.

My dog is heartless. I had to go to the homeopath for a refill of these weird Chinese pills that dry you up and the dog was bound and determined to get out of the house. One could hardly blame her, it was bright and fresh if a little warm and the colors of South Florida were extravagant. The sun was out at last yesterday and she was not going to be left behind. I never saw a Labrador that could twist an arm like Cheyenne.

It occurred to me as I tottered after my frisky hound that I had no pictures for my daily blog. So here they are. Thank you Cheyenne.

This isn't my first walk down Asturias but it's the first time I've been down here in January and not seen snowbirds in these homes. It's just my observation but I'm not seeing as many winter visitors in the suburbs as in years past. It's not to say there are none, but the clusters of little old ladies standing around discussing snowdrifts in Indiana just aren't here. It's good for me when I'm sleeping during the day but it can't be good for the tax base.
A neighbor stopped by to ask if I was the one who bought this place. Nope, just walking my dog. People come, people go.
Bananas are coming too. In countries where they are grown commercially they cover the growing fruit in plastic bags to help it along. Here the fruit is more ornamentation. My banana tree is too small for fruit but a friend of mine grows the sweetest bananas I've tasted. We get some local fruit down here.

Dates don't mature in the Keys. I'm told its because they need dry heat and around here it gets all rainy as they are about to mature and they go off. Bummer, but they look good.

My favorite tree is the pine; childhood memories I guess. No fruit or nuts though.

This is as close to countryside as I've seen around here. It was like a summer day up north, buzzing insects, a slight cool breeze, the smell of cut grass, it was lovely.


I went home worn out. Good dog, guarding my sick bed.