Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Pine Dog Park

Cheyenne is not a very sociable dog, and when dog parks are full of dogs she gets overwhelmed.

I wanted to check out the new park on Big Pine so I went there after work one morning, and because I get off work at 6am in Key West we were in Big Pine before seven.

Dog parks are absolutely littered with signs and for some reason they obsess about dog shit.

I wonder if they have signs at the tennis court warning players to pick up after themselves.

The park opened in the summer of 2011 and it took a fair bit of money and effort and coordinating and permits and all that stuff.

It's located off Key Deer Boulevard at Watson Field, a county backed athletic field, whence the sound of leather on tin bounces across the mangroves sometimes when I'm walking Cheyenne in her natural habitat.

I liked how they put emergency numbers indelibly on the storage shed. I do like it very much that when they dial 911it won't reach my call center, but the county's in Marathon.

We had no emergencies, Cheyenne and I, though we did get mildly anxious when a car pulled up in the parking lot and we thought we might have to share the space with some other dog and it's neurotic owner.

She went to the small dog park with her medium sized dog so I expect she figured we were as neurotic and anti-social as she was. Good woman.

Cheyenne liked the smells so I had to spend some time with my camera taking clever pictures. I fooled the Canon well enough it put the signs in focus and not the fence, like it originally wanted to.

The woman in the small dog park was banging a tennis ball around to work the dog. I am happy Cheyenne doesn't chase balls as a matter of course. I have lived with a dog that did that sort of thing obsessively and it's hard to read and throw a ball simultaneously.

Ball throwing is over rated as a human activity, though millions of TV watchers disagree.

It was a nice open space for us both.

I outlasted my dog.

Then we went and had a real walk with mud and mangroves and everything.

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