Tuesday, November 21, 2017


A bicycle, a telephone and a six pack. What more do you need n a pleasantly breezy Fall afternoon in Key West?
Another of the city's pocket parks, this one on Seminole Street not properly cleaned yet. In the background a selfie in progress, standard operating procedure. In the foreground my unvarnished view of tourist town, and overflowing trash can:
I had occasion to visit the Winn Dixie in Key West one night and what a ghastly place it is. It is completely unlike the supermarket in Big Pine which is clean and friendly and organized. With construction work underway I wasn't even sure the place was open. I got a packet of throat lozenges for my wife and scuttled out as fast as I could, before the black stuff got me.
My expectations since Hurricane Irma have been quite low and they are not rising much. Th cable TV provider which also provides high speed internet to many businesses can't seem to manage to restore much service outside Key West. I use AT&T to stream Netflix so I am okay but I feel bad for my ever grumpier neighbors as they wait for service. Things are broken, power still goes out occasionally and the clean up of the Lower Keys has stalled as the contractor walked off in a huff. 
In times like these one breathes a sigh of relief and remembers the little Vespa 150 has a pocket or two to stash a can of powerful caffeine. I find myself turning to mother's little helper more and moire to cope with the daily stress of seeking relaxation.
Walking Rusty always helps even among the reduced leafiness of the mangrove woods: