Friday, May 4, 2012

Big Pine Henry

So I ask myself, why did they give this little street such a strange name?

Henry, the name normally given to a human is a dirt street in an area of Big Pine Key currently getting new water mains.

These days there is water in abundance, though not necessarily I'm places where humans want it or can use it.

The locals were out making good use of the impromptu ponds.

Cheyenne missed the cool overcast days from earlier in the week.

It's air conditioning time for us in our little boxes on stilts.

This little alley fronts the back of the stores in the little strip malls that line the Overseas Highway. This one doesn't want trespassers. I was glad to see the disfiguring sign because otherwise who knows what I might have done.

I am always surprised by how many businesses, mortgage brokers, small business service companies and the like make a living on these small islands.

I would not much like to live on a dirt road, dust and mud and all.

As for those pipes and spigots, they were all over the place.

The work apparently requires water to be wasted and the Obote are carefully labelled.

So what I wonder are they measuring or sampling?

So many questions. Modern water systems take a lot of work, more than we realize when we casually open our faucets and expect clean safe water to flow in abundance.

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