Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mangrove Walks

With my inability to sustain a decently long dog walk these days as my legs recover from the August accident I have developed a practice of incorporating more than one walk into a morning activity.
What I do is pick one spot where I can walk at some length relatively easily with my rolling walker...
...and then I'll try and think of a place where I can hang back and let Rusty run around at will...
...without me needing to do much more than sit and point my camera. Which is another sore subject.

Birds it turns out are put off by the sight and sounds of my contraption rolling noisily across the gravel path...The birds seem averse and take off, consequently I have to wait, look from afar.
It is a source of great joy for me to find myself back in these deserted landscapes.
I know the views don't vary much like they do in mountainous country, but the solitude is refreshing.
You wouldn't know Duval Street is less than thirty miles from here.
And that's how I like it, sitting in my walker in the sun with a cold breeze blowing out of the North.
Old abandoned trash rotting faster than you would give it credit for in this salt air and water world.
My dog keeping me company.
And later passing out next to me on the bed as we both rest from our exertions.
That's how you know it was a great walk. Pity the poor restless dog never worn out in the woods.