Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whalton And South

The theme of this street is over abundant greenery: And yes, I was there on the Bonneville: Despite the summer heat there is no shortage of cyclists on Key West streets. Perhaps it helps that this is a shady street. I thought this brick house for sale, with no price attached, looked as though it should be under the pines of Alabama or Georgia, not the palms of Key West: The typical tropical growth looks good:
I don't have any lawns at my house, and though I'm no great fan of pea rock it doesn't require this sort of labor to keep it looking nice:I guess he was lucky to be hired to mow the relatively small chunk of grass at that house. Most of the block on the other side of the street is taken up by an estate surrounded by what looked like a coral rock wall, maybe it's granite or something but it is distinctive. Not least because of the sign nailed clearly to the gate:
The wall in fact surrounded a lush lawn surmounted by the usual array of palms and in point of fact water restrictions make no distinction between aqueduct water and well water when rationing is in effect. I suppose because wasting water is wasting all the same. If I run my rainwater cistern dry I guess I would then be forced to use the aqueduct water which puts added strain ultimately on an over taxed aquifer. The wall stretched for the better part of a block:I wondered what my wife would think if I decided to use her convertible as an ad hoc pick up truck...but I prefer to hitch a trailer to my Nissan when I need to haul stuff, unlike this creative soul: I checked the other side of the magnificent wall and found the home, shaded by palms with a garage alongside opulent enough to qualify as a spacious Key West home in it's own right:
A Sportster parked under a massive stand of palms:
And then it was time to get to work.