Monday, June 27, 2016

Dark Streets

It's been a while since I got out into Key West in the dark and I have to say I was quite pleased to get the chance. Rusty picked up where Cheyenne left off doing a nice job of stopping for while I focused the camera on something of interest.
It was actually quite early in the morning so I tried letting Rusty off the leash for a bit and my eyes followed him closely. I was impressed as he had smart street manners bred perhaps of his years as a stray. He stepped between parked cars and looked both ways before going into the street. He stepped back smartly when a parked car's engine started up suddenly. 
IN the city I prefer to use the leash as surprises are never too far away, even when one is apparently alone in the world and I was also keen to train him to walk properly to leash. He is a patient walker.
Key West is slipping back into summer torpor and I am wondering how that is possible as Highway One is packed with cars still in both directions all day. 
It's been muggy and hot lately inclining me to believe summer is here and soon enough schools will get out and families will crowd the Keys for the non existent beaches...and the merry go round will continue for a couple of months.
It seems pretty clear Cuba is opening up and  some people think tourism will magically drain away from the Keys like someone pulled a bath plug. I doubt it it. I am sure a lot of people will want to visit Cuba when they get going and figure how to accommodate Americans in addition to the Canadians and Europeans already there...
...But I am equally sure many Americans won't want to cross the water to an island they associate in their minds with Communism and the Cold War and all that negative history. The great advantage of the Keys is that they are an adventurous destination but not too adventurous. I think there will be many many tourists who will continue to be quite happy limiting their southern vacations to the southern tip of Florida, same language, same money, same customs and familiar street signs.

Besides its quite pretty enough here.