Tuesday, January 19, 2021

White Street

 Sometimes you see stuff as you walk and you wonder. Did an airplane lose a propeller or was it something more banal?

I saw two Vespas parked in front of the cottage  and apparently they look good. So here they are. My on remaining scooter, a 2004 Vespa is in the shop being set up for sale and then for the first time in a  long time I shall no longer have anything to ride. I am enjoying the change at the moment.
A military cemetery not made much of a fuss of in Key West:
Not sure what this is except it was a bt of color and had a sympathetic look in it's eye:

No Vacancy managed with a block of wood. I think it indicated that at that moment there was a vacancy.

The building on the corner of White and Truman has these lovely and unusual columns so before I crossed the street I took a couple of pictures: