Saturday, August 22, 2020

Tropical Storm Laura

Well this is peachy. We are now under a tropical storm watch. I can't really believe Tropical Storm Laura is going to amount to much but I've been wrong before on this rather touchy subject. After Hurricane Irma I guess we will all be a bit touchy and now we have the coronavirus stuff to deal with as well it all seems rather too much. I'm working through Monday, I've put our outdoor stuff away so all I have to do is figure out how to get to and from work without being blown over. 

[Image of initial wind radii]

The National Hurricane Center definition of a watch is as follow:

Tropical Storm Watch is issued when a tropical cyclone containing winds of 34 to 63 kt (39 to 73 mph) or higher poses a possible threat, generally within 48 hours. These winds may be accompanied by storm surge, coastal flooding, and/or river flooding. The watch does not mean that tropical storm conditions will occur.

Flowers I Have Seen

Evanston, Illinois
Door County Wisconsin
Door County Wisconsin 

Bowler Wisconsin

Tomahawk Wisconsin

Naubinway Highway 2 Rest Area, Michigan
Gabriel Farms, Petoskey, Michigan

Grapes Not Flowers...Petoskey Michigan 

Sutton's Bay Sunburst, Michigan
Traverse City, Michigan

Cadillac, Michigan

Sparta, Kentucky
Sparta, Kentucky
Pensacola, Florida

Sugarloaf Key

Gratuitous Rusty photo, Sugarloaf Key