Sunday, April 21, 2019

Olivia Street By Night

It was early in the morning. Rusty woke me up and demanded a walk. It had been a while since we came to Key West before dawn so I drove us downtown from our home on Cudjoe Key.
I started by taking him to Truman Waterfront which held no interest. So then I stopped on Olivia Street for a look see. This Rusty inspected with greater enthusiasm. I got a few pictures.
It was around five in the morning by the time we got here but there was no one around, except for passing cars on Duval Street. 
I wandered along behind Rusty's busy nose enjoying the warm night air and the architecture that never bores me.
We are told Key West is the largest historic wooden neighborhood in the country. 
Not surprising really. Simonton at Olivia:
I can look at this stuff all night long. All day too, except it's more peopley then.
It's remarkable to me how much detail there is in the homes around Old Town and I've been looking at this stuff for two decades.
Olivia Street looking east, away from Duval Street that is.
And not all of it is wood:
But there again this is old Florida and it looks excellent and atmospheric:
Back on Duval Street briefly, at Petronia: