Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This essay was photographed on the Fleming and Southard corridor and it was prompted by this interesting way to store a strap: 
The neighborhood is full of architectural gems from another era:
Some are restored like this classic eyebrow home with the overhanging eaves:
And some are simply well preserved:
Some homes have quite the decorative motif:
The former Albury House is fully equipped these days with its own historic marker. 
This little church puts me in mind of the whitewashed chapels fitting the Caribbean: 
For me it's the architecture for Rusty it's... I'm not exactly sure:
Scoot commute:
The other you have to look for is the weird little stickers and signs which amuse me endlessly. 

 More gentrification. Renovation doesn't come cheap:
The white picket fence life:
My favorite Harley, the 1200R Sportster, here being allowed to entropy into compost: 

Rusty seems to be incapable of relaxing when there is even the chance of a walk! 
We were at my work waiting for the ride home.