Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1700 Laird

A house on stilts, a long staircase up to the front door, the sun setting over New Town in Key West. The gray kennel is a hint that I was out on foot.This isn't the cute touristy part of Key West but they like to emulate the cement markers used historically to label streets, here on a light pole.Or there is the modern version, Ashby and Laird in the dying sun.New Town used to be open fields with dairy cows and fruit trees criss crossed by whit gravel lanes. Then heap air conditioning came along, outsiders wanted to buy the ramshackle wooden huts downtown and residents could buy "proper" sized lots and build normal ranch homes and share the American dream with the rest of the country.Long straight streets, ample parking, lots of trees.Houses can be a lot bigger in this part of town.
Trespassing anyone? Oops, luckily there's that lovely sign to remind you that walking in people's yards is not kosher.
I found a spare cushion in an empty lot, just in case.Cheyenne found something.
I like New Town, all modern conveniences, quiet, tourist free, lots of parking and within easy scooter distance of anywhere you need to be.
Some people like their chickens enough that if they don't have real ones pottery ones will do:Apparently some people like steak tartar enough to publicize their preference. I like mine done on the charred side of medium.
I found this piece of raw food lying in the grass unattended.
Outdoor dust catcher:
I like the separation possible in New Town. I am growing into a grumpy old git, I fear. It isn't what they first think of when they say they are coming to Key West on vacation, but it is Key West, nonetheless.
Big sky country.