Saturday, March 30, 2019

Sunrise Mangroves

The early season switch to daylight saving time puts me in the mangroves in time to see the whole sunrise event. from the barely perceptible lighter skies in the east to the full golden glow of daylight.
 Rusty trots off ahead on the lonely empty stretch of road and I totter after him, stiff from a night spent sitting at my desk at work. The goal is to limber up before I go to bed, and to walk without rolling like a drunken sailor. 
 Every day, and every way I'm getting better and better. So when I pause in my exercise routine I check the sunrise through the branches and the camera allows me stitch a lace doily in the shadows.
I enjoy the challenge of seeing fresh things every day wherever we might be, as I drive us in an arc of different walks within 20 minutes of home roughly. Carrying my Lumix FZ300 forces me to look and observe and see things that otherwise I probably wouldn't notice. Plus i have a few filters to play with, giving the sun a star burst was the choice of the day:
 Besides which we are not entirely alone, and Rusty handles traffic perfectly, stepping aside when he hears a car and watching it go by from the edge of the bushes. He's getting used to silent bicycles too.
 The moon, oddly taken when not full:
 The sun around which I managed to convince the camera to put a halo, just for fun:
After I sleep the rest of the morning away I take a cup of tea to the deck where Rusty likes to hang out shifting between sun and shade and air conditioning, coming and going as he pleases through his dog door.
 Or sometimes just being weird: