Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Labrador Love

Cheyenne has been moving around this summer with me, from her usual Florida Keys haunts... parking lots and rest areas on the the long drives Up North, with meals snatched along the way...

...with hours spent doing what dogs do in the back of cars, uncomplaining and patient... be rewarded with walks in woods and mountains at higher elevations and thus cooler than those she is used to.

Trains don't exist in the Keys anymore, not since the hurricane of 1935 wiped out the rail line through the Upper Keys. Cheyenne found museum piece trains to be to her taste harboring as they do unconsidered trifles of discarded food.

And when out visiting historic sights, seen here at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, seducing a kindly young server who longs for a dog of her own, Cheyenne takes it as her due that she gets to participate in whatever is on offer.

She turned her back on magnificent views of the Chesapeake when touring General George Washington's home at Mount Vernon. She was waiting for me to complete my tour watching the house ready to spring to her aging feet as I came out of the historic home.

I got Cheyenne December 7th 2009 from the Key West SPCA where she was dumped that October by a family who thought her "too old" yet she continues to age gracefully, though she does from time to time show signs of slowing down perhaps just a little. She takes aspirin for morning stiffness and she sleeps a lot, especially after a long drive. But she also spends lots of her time watching my every move.

Putting on a little weight as she goes.

We have been together almost three years now and it's difficult for me to remember a time when she wasn't at my side. She's the main reason you'll find me driving a car, not riding my Bonneville.

She's got used to me leaving her in the evening on my way to work. She doesn't like it but she expects it.

In the mornings when I get home around 6:30 she's ready for the sound of my motorcycle arriving under the house, her signal for her early morning walk, she and I, alone, as she likes it.

Post Scriptum:

Happy Birthday America, my favorite national holiday, as today is the day I like to celebrate my own independence even though I actually moved across the Atlantic on October 22nd. This is also my 8th anniversary with the Key West Police Department. I had no idea to expect this when I applied to be a dispatcher eight long years ago but this is the most enjoyable fulfilling job I've ever had. Who knew I'd make a career as a dispatcher for the fuzz? Just as well, as we are short handed tonight, again and I've got some OT scheduled in the middle of the night. Happy Anniversary me.

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