Monday, April 18, 2016

Lunch At Schooner Wharf

The idea was to take Rusty into town and have lunch a in a dog-friendly environment.  As it turned out Rusty wasn't in the mood so I turned up dogless to meet Sheila at the dog-friendly lunch spot. Oh well.
Schooner Wharf Bar, Key West
Dog Bennett of This Week On The Island also showed up. He said this is his favorite table at Schooner Wharf; a good view towards the music and Michael McCloud, plenty of cooling breeze and a good spot to people watch on Lazy Way Lane outside the bar:
Schooner Wharf Bar, Key West
Sheila got a hamburger and I got fish tacos delivered in tortillas. A "fish taco wrap." Fair enough. It was actually quite good. Doug had a fresh air sandwich.
Fish Taco Wrap, Schooner Wharf
Our conversation was a little weird at first. We got on the subject of dead pets, what with Cheyenne dying recently and Dog having lost more than one dog and Sheila coping with a new cat after a recent bereavement....
The waitress showed up to take our orders and there we were looking into the distance each with misty eyes.
We switched subjects and I offered that raising height limits to improve the housing situation was a silly idea but Sheila disagreed, saying the plan would allow for worker accommodations on the new stories of buildings in New Town. Doug ruminated on the meaning of homelessness in Key West and how to differentiate between a  chosen lifestyle and working poverty.
It was very pleasant and the air was cool with the breeze. I wished I could have had a beer and a longer pause but I had appointments to keep.
The tourists kept an eye out on the tarpon swimming in the shade of the docks, I said my goodbyes with a promise of a longer more languid rematch soon, and off I went into the heat to do battle with website developers.
Schooner Wharf bills itself as the "last little piece of Old Key West," and perhaps that's true though I would argue it is not alone in the distinction. There are other spots that might qualify...
...but there is at least a schooner or two at the docks making the name real. A schooner is a two masted boat where the front mast is shorter than the back mast(s). That's as much as I want to say on a page not dedicated to sailing pursuits. If you are a purist and want greater precision there are sites for that sort of pedantry. I have done my share of sailing but this isn't the spot to get tangled in jargon.
I never cease to surprise myself. I quite liked Schooner wharf. I would never have guessed as I am bar-averse. Usually.