Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Wheeled Burrito

So, what is wrong with beards, I ask. I am not a vain man, how could I be when I get snarky comments from strangers about my pink footwear, but I do like my beard and I am, apparently, in good company.I never know where inspiration for an essay will come but this one hit me between the eyes while I was at Badboy Burrito getting dinner to go for two. While they made my two Gaucho Ernesto's I flipped through a picture book of photographs of artwork on the old Berlin Wall, whence came the fragment reproduced above.It was hot in the store especially on the other side of the papaya where the work was getting done. My dog was out in the air conditioning waiting for my return. We were about 50 yards from the location of the murder last week of a woman who got her head bashed in behind First State Bank. I had gone home before it got called in but I met the CSI the next night and Don was looking rather tired. "Any suspects? " I asked on my way to the Communications Center and to my surprise he said he rather thought he had some idea. I was very proud to hear they got the suspect and according to the paper they got a confession inside 30 hours from when the crime was reported. Violent crime in Key west is rare and usually between people who know each other, with the exception of last Fantasy Fest's stabbing when an innocent bystander was stabbed to death by some Miami based whack job. Anyway I had the night off and my wife didn't feel like cooking so I suggested, as I was in town anyway, I'd take home a couple of tortilla wrapped concoctions. So I did and as I stood next to the air conditioning unit I pondered the outside world. Not much there, on Simonton Street.Oops, wait a minute there goes a scooter in the ninety degree (32 C) heat.As I stood and looked out the window I started to see a pattern. The window air conditioning unit was, as my burrito maker pointed out, the best place to wait, but it was having a tough time. The orange number was the desired temperature, the green number was the actual and as far as I could tell ne'er the twain would meet. More action outside, if you can call it action.
I thought this might be indicative of what to expect if one wants to move to Key West and live the life of Riley in the sub tropics.
Background check? No pets? And fully 500 square feet (40 meters) Phew... Welcome to Key West grasshopper. Now go get a job that can pay for this munificence which includes something north of three thousand dollars just to move in. More pedaling action going on outside which I nearly missed thanks to the bulletin board.
These two I liked especially the one in back with the con leche. Remember how hot it was outside. They nearly lost their collective balance which would have made a better picture than this one. Brave souls.
Two wheels good, motorized better.
Then the burrito bag arrived, twenty dollars worth of dinner, but I didn't have enough pictures to make a essay so I waited for the next hapless passer by or two.
Nearly missed that one, behind the Monroe County Transit bus.This one I didn't miss.This dude had gloves, earphones and sensible shoes on. Over dressed you might say.
This is the Badboy delivery Vespa LX50.
Key West daily living. Much like anywhere else only sunnier. And more expensive.