Thursday, October 22, 2020

White Street Gallery District

They call it  the White Street Gallery District, a formal name for a strip of stores along the north south road that more or less separates Old Town from the area now known as Mid Town. Sandy's Café has to be one of the best known stores on the strip. No longer open twenty four hours it does fire up at 5am which is early enough for most people. 
White Street Gallery District
Not so long ago there was a divorce between the operator of the café and the owner of the property and they went their separate ways, and ended up a couple of blocks apart. Fernandy's hasn't survived coronavirus so now there is only one red and white Cuban coffee shop on the street.
Another well know name is Fausto's the locally owned grocery store with two outlets, one here on White Street and the other on Fleming.
Key West White Street
They describe themselves as a neighborhood social center which I suppose is true. It always surprises me how many businesses have two successful outlets in Key West, a town with a great many people reluctant to travel more than a mile from home.
Elections rear their head everywhere and Lopez has been a  city commissioner for almost as long as I can remember but in fact he was elected in distant 2005 and he is running again. Yup, we know him.
As I recall Mo's was started by a French Canadian couple who sold to a new Haitian owner and the place has kept it's garlicky Gallic appeal ever since. Still going strong.

Florida Keys Restaurant
White on White. It has a certain ring to it. I may have been giddy when I saw the sign. Rusty woke me early and I was half an hour ahead of schedule when I got to town, hence the time in hand to walk White Street with the camera before driving up Virginia to the salt mines.

And as I was getting into the car to go to work I saw two people passing in the night across the street. I felt just a little less alone on the unlighted end of White Street, though  don't think they noticed me at all. 
A gratuitous Rusty picture (which Webb says can never be gratuitous of the perfect dog). He was at home relaxing while I was at work and my wife sent me the snapshot to make me jealous. It worked.