Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sugarloaf Sunshine

How this picture came out looking like a misty English lane I'll never know. I tried it n color and it didn't work but in monochrome the iPhone camera caught the after-rain dampness of the old Sugarloaf section of Highway 939A.

It was a good day for my kind of photography, bright whites greens and blues, the colors of my Lower Keys.

The Sugarloaf Loop circles a lagoon out of sight in the middle of this section of the island. The development never happened so there is perfect road useful for cyclists and runners, and shags like me who amble and take pictures and watch the dog play.
The early morning sunlight managed to illuminate the sea grapes quite nicely as the leaves turn color. The grapes are quite edible when they ripen to a deep purple. Birds will get most of them.

As I played with the camera, Rusty hunted will-o'-the-wisps in the undergrowth.
This dog has insatiable curiosity, he is always looking...
A view to the sea. Robert and I have been mulling over a boat trip to the Dry Torugas to take the dogs for a walk. They are allowed on the grounds but not inside Fort Jefferson. He said we needed a day like this to make a comfortable 70 mile passage to the isolated islands and back home after tea.

Rusty having fun:

Rusty waiting for me:

And so home to a well deserved nap.