Monday, April 21, 2014

Big Coppitt Cemetery

I think I should like to be buried here. If I didn't want my ashes scattered at sea, that is.
BIG COPPITT KEY: For storied Keys graveyard, new life and owner - Top Stories -
The Key West cemetery is a repository of history and is well known as a tourust destination, much to the annoyance of family members of those buried in that public space. Big Coppitt by contrast is serene, wide open and free of hassle.
Key West Diary: Key West Cemetery 2013
These plots have stories to tell, though of less well known characters than in Key West so who knows...

I put Cheyenne in the car for a drive through as most cemeteries don't much appreciate dogs. Wasn't I surprised to see this sign in the middle of the field?

Aside from a headstone in the Aweekly family name the only other one I recognized was this one, of the well known artist recently on display the Customs House.
 I found this picture online of the two of them planning their final resting place! Brilliant.
Photo of Southern Keys Cemetery - Key West, FL, United States. Advance planning is the best gift you can give your loved ones.

Key West is considering spending a quarter million or more on a new sexton's house, here the quarters are more modest.
They make their win headstones here which I found quite fascinating and when I wandered by I actually met the sexton but she declined to be photographed so you will have to imagine a cheerful woman urprised by my interest in her cemetery.
It's easy to find, simply turn north off Highway One at Bobalu's Restaurant in Big Coppitt. And take your dog, it's a great walk.