Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Town Stroll

My wife and I took a little time to walk and talk one afternoon in a hot key West neighborhood. Cheyenne needed to stretch her legs and a dog walk is always a good excuse to get out of the car. We started out walking along the canal behind Poinciana Housing, the former Navy homes now devoted to low income housing for the city.Looking down, for some reason I cannot recall, I saw this frog burnished by the sun and painted permanently into the asphalt. You just never know what you will see when you are out and about. In my left hand I was holding the extenda dog leash, in my right I held the poxket camera to my head. And all of that was preserved for posterity, in shadow, with the frog.My wife ignored this foolishness as she communicated through her iPhone. Students came back to school Monday and teachers have lots to do, even after they leave the classroom, to get the new school year up and running again.We took the broad median on 17th, a shady walkway back towards North roosevelt in the distance. It's proportions and trees remind me of the so-called "neutral ground" of New Orleans medians, those pieces of turf that used to separate the French from the Spanish neighborhoods of old.I had previously photographed this garage door with a painting of an elderly Ford, and lately the elderly Ford has been on display with a "For Sale" sign on it. This day it was protected from the sun and hard to view. I wonder what the value of this camera is to the occupant. These kinds of arrangments make me think that if the camera worked the sign wouldn't be needed. I wanted to scribble "so are you..." on the sign after I took the picture.Time to collect the mail (or put a stop delivery order on the address).Cheyenne was getting her money's worth on a short walk. She likes to walk even in this hot time of year but her energy flags much sooner than it does in the cool of winter. I keep a close eye on her when it is this hot.We got back to the car, watered the panting dog before we set off for some shopping before heading home. As we drove off I noticed this car stop in the middle of the street. A young woman carrying a package or large envelope got out, left the door open and ambled up to a house as though to make a delivery. Meanwhile I observed in my rear view mirror that a truck was coming down the street and approaching the open door. It stopped, puzzled, and I snapped the picture.It was the work of a moment for the truck to pull out and go round, but the puzzlement was justified. There was ample room for the young idiot to pull up to the curb, parked properly and make her delivery without this display of weird thoughtlessness. I wonder how we will cope as the stresses of poverty descend upon us and stretch our manners beyond the limit.