Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Downtown Washed Clean

Summer is having a hard time letting go and I don't just mean temperatures. Heat is present all winter long in Key West, coming and going as cold fronts blow across the islands and bring muggy weather in anticipation, then cool weather temporarily as the front blows over town and then warm sunny days reassert themselves. The pattern goes all winter long though it has been longer than I can remember since the last dip below sixty degrees.
Rain is supposed to start drying up now as we approach the end of hurricane season at the end of this month. But as you can see the city is sill getting sprinkled enough to give the streets a clean shiny appearance. Dry season is not quite upon us.
Cheyenne's fascination with the USS Maine Memorial at Mallory Square has less to do with an appreciation of the Spanish-American War and more with a hunt for left over crumbs ignored by the stray cats that get fed hear daily. Cheyenne isn't proud: cat food will do fine for her, espceially if it is found food.
I caught her in a  cute pose at Captain Tony's where I found an abandoned bouquet- story unknown but easy to speculate upon... Below coincidentally we find one of the late Captain Tony Tarracino's most quoted saying printed on the t-shirt worn by a residentially challenged stroller: once your reputation is ruined you can live quite freely. In his case I suppose entirely true if poverty can equal freedom.
My advice to people who see bad parking habits and think they can do the same is to not presume. The other night a rental car got towed from a city street because it was blocking a driveway. It's starting to be that time of year. Sidewalk parking isn't allowed and if you see it being done presume it's a local with special ,permission, perhaps by where of where they work, and leave this sort of parking to them. I seek out motorcycle parking spaces which are city designated and free. What better!?
A bus stop space doesn't count as motorcycle parking and this renter can count themselves lucky if they didn't get a hefty ticket or even have their scooter towed, for which the rental company charges, and towing ain't cheap. Luckily the city bus drivers are a patient lot and they made allowances for this one.
Scooters are a good way to get around but for ease of use and simplicity some people argue bicycles are the only way to go. Looks good doesn't it?
Living in Old Town Key West can I am sure feel like a fishbowl, which is one reason I live 20 miles away on Cudjoe Key. But this city also allows for some creative decorating for the year-round outdoor lifestyle.
Clinton Square Mall, the old brick building basking in the sun. It once was a warehouse backing up to the Mallory Square dock area.
A Conch Train on Front Street waiting for passengers. The early morning light was exceptional. I love winters in Key West, the only place I have ever not minded the end of summer.
It's not really winter if your elderly dog overheats on a brisk 40-minute walk around town...She is not as young as she was, but she had fun.