Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Higgs Break

Drought has Florida in it's grip. The wildlife pond at Higgs Beach is as dry as a bone as a result, and i decided to take advantage to walk across the floor of the pond.Cheyenne was off enjoying the shade and she indicated the smells outside the dried up pond were much more interesting.I've always enjoyed the sculpture on the post in the middle of the pond but yesterday I got a chance to see it up close and keep my feet dry at the same time. Higgs beach is well known as hang out for all sports including the residentially challenged especially in winter.The floor of the normally wet pond had a healthy cover of greenery for Cheyenne and I to cross. I used to enjoy prolonged droughts in California because the rain came in the cold season and added to the misery of winter. Rain in Florida usually comes in summer but winter rains, as modest as they are, help to keep the state green. Not this year.
Higgs Beach runs alongside the southern end of White Street, a main road for cyclists heading to and from the beach and the White Street Pier. It's also the place where funky campers tend to congregate.
Cheyenne was having fun poking around and sniffing this and that.
Not everyone stays in hotels for Spring Break. This Florida tagged car had bedrolls on the hood.
There are two schools of thought in Key west about birds on the streets. Some like the chickens and roosters despite their noise and aggressive scraping in the dirt. The argument goes they kill noxious insects. I prefer the local birds, the natives, like the ibis that also kill noxious insects but do it with a quiet dignity the invasive chickens completely lack.
I am quite fond of the spacious dog park built (with money collected from the public) on the corner of Higgs. Cheyenne is not as keen, preferring to wander on her own in the rest of the park. Suits me.We sat in the shade while I pondered the meaning of "Blue Dog Park." From Higgs we took the car and headed to the other beach at Smathers. Key West has enjoyed a busy winter tourist trade. I'm told the only Florida hotels that have had a smash hit winter are those in the Keys. Which is good of course but explains the crowding and the slow waddling traffic on the Overseas Highway. And now Spring Break has started, with the city filling up with rowdy youngsters.
Spring Break is turning into the kind of orgy we used to have every Spring. The past few years things have been much quieter but this year the Police Communications center has been insanely busy every night. I am coming home exhausted in the morning sleeping like a dead man as soon as my head hits the pillow. Here's a taste of what will be in town for the next several weeks.I will be obliged to bring you more pictures like this or face the wrath and dripping sarcasm of the Scribe of Amish Country and his sodding BMW. I am a slave to Jack riepe's taste buds in photography- Twisted Roads for Twisted Minds.
This is not a good time to be speeding in Key West. It is a good time to take it easy and watch the scenery shimmer by.I am in love with my own blonde bimbo.
Cheyenne is all a man needs when he's out looking for a young bit of fluff.