Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bridge Sunrise

The color of sunrise, the land shaded in black the sky still dark blue and the sun promising a rapid and permanent change to the landscape at West Summerland Key.

The Old Bahia Honda Bridge is one of the more recognizable landmarks in the Lower Keys and yes, I still find it as photogenic as ever.

So I thought to myself I wonder what the textures would look like in monochrome (black and white).

I really like the "noir" setting on the iPhone camera as it gives sharp definition that suits the bright natural light of the sub tropics. Here the weathered chalk looked to my eyes like a lunar landscape.

Even the mildest of cloud formations over the old pump house get a wildly mysterious and ghostly cast:

The scene looks banal and pretty in color. 

In black and white and even with Cheyenne, you'd have expect Orson Welles to come stumping into the scene. Which reminds me. its time to order the The Third Man disc  from Netflix.
Great scenery standing on the shore.

A good walk.