Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantasy Fest Local's Parade Preview

I have long preferred the Masquerade March on Friday to the formal Fantasy Fest parade on Saturday.

They leave from the cemetery and walk down Fleming or Southard and strut their stuff and talk to friends along the way

Fantasy Fest has become such a phenomenon that anything "local" is a misnomer because of it's popularity.

The main parade has been invaded by out of town floats and "krewes" from places like Tampa who are on a circuit and have nothing local to bring to a parade that frequently mocks local issues and politics.

This year I saw less satire and more simple costuming. "adults playing in Halloween costumes" Chuck said.

I suppose he was right but it was fun.

Ad I got almost a hundred pictures...

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Fantasy Fest 2011 Prequel 3

Meeting friends and showing off your underwear are two of the purposes of walking Duval this week in Key West.

Photographing some of the oddities and ironies of Fantasy Fest is another purpose.

I sometimes wish my dog were small enough to carry, but there are too many big dogs abandoned at the SPCA to ignore them.

Woody Allen as a costume was not something I had ever considered.

Drink, walk a step, take a picture. It's all good.

A nice courier bag in black is what every exhibitionist needs. There are no pockets on leather speedos.

Christmas! Argh! I am no fan of Christmas it's high stress shopping demands.

How odd it is.

And they line up to record the odd moment.

I was glad to see these renters getting their scooters off the street. Scooters and alcohol don't mix.

This sign in front of St Paul's on Duval made me smile. Paint a church and buy a seat in heaven. There is a long tradition of the rich getting a promise of salvation if they cough up. some things never change.

I am told there is a Facebook page dedicated to the Blobs of Key West. I wondered what they were and have included a few in my essays already. Here's another one.

Cheyenne was tired. Plus she was spotted by a stranger, who was polite about this blog and moved on. That made up for some of the shit I've been taking lately!

To home and to sleep for my dog. To write for me.

The locals parade in this space tomorrow morning.

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Fantasy Fest 2011 Prequel 2

Fantasy Fest is when you get calls from friends implying you are a filthy old man, when it is actually incumbent upon somebody to be out there checking the scene.

Belen called saying she saw me walking Cheyenne as she drove by on Duval. "You were photographing ladies' titties!" she giggled into the phone. Well yes except I'm not sure they were what you might call ladies. But I was walking Cheyenne.

It was hot and muggy and she enjoyed resting on the edge of the crowd and watching the world go by. She was less interested in nudity than in the street vendors:

I saw a woman standing in the street with a sign that read "Cock" which seemed a bit blunt. However there was a purpose to her crudity, and the purpose was sales.

There was another cock and tail on view to get the passersby-by attention.

Humor or g-string? There's something for everyone.

The Fantasy Zone is delineated by red tape appropriately enough, on the side streets leading from Duval Street. Inside the zone body paint, alcohol in plastic cups and and nudity that does not expose genitals is allowed, or perhaps encouraged. Beyond the tape things are supposed to return to normal.

I am not fond of plastic cups as a rule, but when you've seen a few thousand drunks crashing into each other on the street you understand why glass is prohibited.

Key West is catching up with the outside world, slowly slowly. In a century or two the bars will be recycling too and make a real dent in the cost of trash removal.

Don' like crowds?

Don't visit during Fantasy Fest!

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Fantasy Fest 2011 Prequel 1

Friday is the day before the big day, but for me Friday is quite big enough, thanks.

The crowds have built up all week, parties with headgear, parties in red, street parties and on and on.

Dogs and children welcome to roam if you have the stomach for it. A loud crowd on the balcony at the Whistle encouraged passersby and a couple in blue got into the spirit of the thing:

A flannel as covering from a non existent sun on this overcast afternoon? Iguess it's a costume...

Fantasy Fest is very controlled even as it seems to spin out of control. It was particularly muggy this pre-frontal Friday and heat and beer and excitement drain the blood from the brain.

Not among merchants of course. I wonder how much they dare when it's not Fantasy Fest and full price for a slip of pink cotton is...twenty bucks? Surely not.

Breasts and buttocks everywhere, and happily a few young people also made the street fair today.

Street walking with alcohol is permitted but not glass. Oh well it was almost all drunk.

And there are recycling bins too. Amazing for Key West.

I am going back tonight for then local's parade, properly known as the Masquerade March. People were gathering from all parts to take a turn amongst the nudity and the crowds doubtless will be enormous.

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A Glorious Day

I was looking forward to walking Cheyenne as much as she was looking forward to going with me. When I told her it was time she leaped to her feet and almost started jumping in circles. I couldn't blame her, for it was a lovely day.

75 perfect degrees, bright sunshine and a light cooling breeze made it a perfect day to be outdoors.

There wasn't a cloud to be seen and the sky was a gorgeous deep dark blue.

I was thoroughly enjoying the day. There's nothing quite like a prolonged spell of horrid weather to give one a fresh appreciation for the simple pleasures.

I was even enjoying the sight of pine cones hanging in the sun.

Everyone is still talking about the "monsoon" rains that pounded South Florida for six days straight.

Cheyenne ran back and forth sniffing everything until, exhausted she laid her weary backside in a cool refreshing remnant of the flood.

It was a great day to be outdoors.

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