Sunday, July 8, 2012

Civil War Hanging Rock

Driving back to Roanoke from visiting George Washington's home on the Chesapeake we stumbled into the battle field of Manassas, picturesque and filled with walks to be explored another time. Similarly taking Cheyenne for an early morning walk I came across another more modest battlefield from the era, hardy noticed but impeccably maintained.

This state is packed with an unfair proportion of historic sites.

On June 21st 1864 a Union column retreating from a defeat at Lynchburg was intercepted on the Great Road to Salem (modern Route 11) in a small defile called Hanging Rock, and the Federals got their asses handed to them on a plate.

Confederate cavalry General Robert Ransom chased the retreating soldiers of Union General David Hunter and caught them here mangling their cannons and baggage train and ambulances such to make life difficult for the Federal Army.

Nowadays at seven am on a weekday the place is serenity itself, the perfect spot to contemplate life with your dog.

There is a quiet stream gurgling alongside the dirt trail...

...and I suppose a particular rock such as this must have given the place it's name.

Cheyenne likes an early morning tipple... she got busy with the fresh cold stream water. I think Virginia is heaven for my dog, with it's luscious grasses good for sleeping on or eating, cool breezes and generally mild temperatures.

I have no idea what animal left a scent on the trail but Cheyenne found it. She isn't used to squirrels and such like so I wonder if she knew what animal had been there.

I think these are honeysuckle but I am going out on a limb as usual when I make firm pronouncements about flora.

Above, the commuters took their several and various great roads to work.

Better that than being ambushed on the trail below I suppose.

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