Friday, May 31, 2019

Briny Breezes

Briny Breezes is a tiny beach town in southern Palm Beach County and when I say tiny its just a few blocks square and much of it is a giant mobile home park in the old fashioned style, a last piece of affordable housing:
The only reason I know Briny Breezes exists is because I have a friend who bought a little house there. Denise is a native Floridian whom I have known since 1981 when I first came to the Sunshine State and saw Key West. Her home is what she craves in her nostalgia bank remembering old Florida: 
Denise stayed behind when my wife and I went to see Haitian Art in NOrth Miami an hour south as she didn't want to ride Memorial weekend traffic. As it turned out the traffic on I-95  was  quite light and we flew.  However when you look at how isolated and laid back Briny Breezes is on its little barrier island you can see why it might be hard to get motivated to travel.
Rusty and I walked around the town quite a bit in our two full days at the beach house across from the trailer park that constitutes most of the town:
 The trailers with hurricane shutters up are most likely winter residents' homes:
 Lots of prohibitions around here:

 This is the waterfront but the beach areas are closed to dogs and the fenced area is reserved for local residents:
I noticed later I caught his dog in the act which was unfortunate as I had my choice of  dog walkers studiously ignoring each other walking everywhere:
Rusty was none too certain about the pottery lions. He recognizes shapes and he was cautious around these unknowns:
 Salt air plantings:

 The coast road is already in the neighboring town of Ocean Ridge:
 Ocean access (but no parking to make it difficult to use):

 And this could be construed as scooter country too:

State Road A1A which runs down the barrier islands of the east coast where Federal Highway One is a four lane highway on the mainland. The speed limit here is usually around 35 mph and it is considered a scenic route.

 Memorial weekend it turns out was  banner weekend for people in spandex pedaling velocipedes:

The bicycles approached with a weird whirring sound like a hive of angry hornets and Rusty was fascinated:
It got silly with the streams of middle aged people wrapped like Christmas presents heads down legs spinning like mad:
My kind of silly people:
 Hunched and determined it didn't look much like fun:
 This is better:
 This is best of all:
 Old Florida Architecture:
 Sandy back roads like Florida used to be:

 The colors of Fall:

And a huge new development coming up next to Denise's house much to her dismay:

Rusty made himself at home sprawling on the lawn enjoying the grass and sunbathing: