Sunday, April 29, 2012

Downtown Stock Island

My favorite Stock Island landmark, the soon to be renovated fire station on Macdonald.

The true downtown landmark on a suburban island with no downtown may well be the convenience store that has pretty much a monopoly on processed foods in this part of the world, Tom Thumb.

Macdonald becomes Maloney and turns south toward the marinas and fishing boats.

Stock Island has suffered lime everywhere else has with the shrinking economy and homes that sold for more than half a million are worth a lot less now. Well established businesses and lofty industry soldier on.

This is the land of trailer parks housing workers that find jobs in expensive Key West. There are also auto body shops, carpenters sailmakers canvas workers and electricians based on these streets.

There is a big old Baptist church here with a school attached.

Cabinet makers of long standing:

Stock Island is on the bus line of course.

And some streets have puddles to refresh a hot Labrador's paws.

West Marine has a store in downtown Key West, Marathon and Key Largo. Not forgetting Stock Island:

Trailer parks look exotic when they have palm trees waving in the wind.

And the hidden Hogfish Restaurant a favorite of visitors who want to go slumming with the locals away from Duval Street, has a couple of strategically located signs to guide the diners.

Cheyenne likes Stock Island, full of smells.

Urban enough to keep my Labrador's interest, messy enough to make it interesting.

It's a stereotype, the car on blocks surrounded by plastic wrappers blowing in the wind.

This is the other Key West, the one that keeps Old Town functioning.

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