Thursday, November 7, 2019

White Street Night

I have been enjoying the black and white function of my camera lately.
I thought this one was good....I tried to pet Rusty but he walked away across White Street. ha ha.
I always enjoy complex instructions for the delivery of mail. The smaller the community the more convoluted.  Key West has to be a letter carrier's nightmare with all its alleys.
I take these pictures to remind myself how different Old Town is, how old and how unusual.
Rain reflection:
The former Navy base at Peary Court is now open to civilians who can pay more than $2200 a month for a duplex. The fence is there still but the gates are wide open.
Bamboo texture and...
...poor paint peel. 
The city in black and white:
The full moon effect comes from the camera which is capable of lighting up the night by multiple exposures in camera.
And the moon helps too when it comes out from behind the clouds.
I have been enjoying black and white photography for a change.  
Key West remains a bright colorful place.