Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lowe's Lane

From August 2010 this essay which is a reminder to self that six years have passed...Time perhaps to re-visit Key West's extraordinary lanes and alleys. 

I thought for some reason I had photographed this particular alley but checking the search function I found it was not so. I was in the neighborhood previously and photographed Hibiscus Lane so I figured why not put Lowe's in the photographic can because it's just as pretty.I enjoy road trips but I miss enjoying summer in Key West, land of hot sun, bright contrasts and white clouds.There's lots of shrubbery too, which I am unable to name. Labels have never seemed too important to me, so I tend to forget the differences between various birds and flowers and all those other things some people love to collect..I enjoy the light and the colors and the shapes of Key West seen from on foot.
Summer too is the time of silence, relatively speaking and that is a bonus (added bonus if you want to be ungrammatical).If will power were enough I'm thinking this cat would have been indoors already.
Colors and clouds.If I lived a more interesting life there would either be a dead body or a naked body by the pool. Or preferably a dead naked body.
I cannot reconcile myself to the fact that there are people in Key West with the strength of character sufficient to drive a non air conditioned VW in this heat. Especially after it has been toasting in the sun like this.Perhaps the letter carrier has difficulty spotting numbers?
This is Key West, not Sedona, but cactus does do its best.
Lovely summery Key West.

The promise of rain is another summer pleasure.