Saturday, February 27, 2021

Birds, Mangroves, Deer

Snowbirds aren't just human in the Keys. Winter migration sees a ton more birds in the skies and among the leaves and roots of the salt flats.
I am not a bird photographer which is one massive specialization. I think of myself as a documentary photographer which is a catch all category useful for someone who writes a diary and illustrates it with pictures. The idea of spending ten grand to buy the equipment to photograph birds in flight and hovering honey bees seems slightly insane to me, who has no plans to make a career of this. A retirement plan that involves living in a 70 square foot van doesn't leave much room for photo printing. I am small picture digital nomad. 
I love the mangroves, pools of water, reflections, colors and silence. I do miss mountains and trees and valleys and stuff but I cannot hide the fact that the road life will present some challenges. It is said, with plenty of justification that staying in place makes it easier to go in depth, to learn a place, to know how to photograph what you want. I am going to be challenged by the road and I hope I can rise to the challenge.
Meanwhile these are pictures of places I know and places I like and I'd like you to like too.