Friday, December 30, 2016

Solares Hill

It's a pretty picture but not exactly Solares Hill. The highest point in Key west is a few blocks away but the height difference isn't worth arguing over between there and here. 
As often as I rant about nasty plastic hardware store signage warning of dogs and against trespassing I have to keep reminding myself some people have better ways of sign posting their homes. A case in point. I like the clip especially as it looks like some kind of mail drop off.  Very practical.
On the left wheels to cross America, on the right wheels to cross Key West:
The weird faces are still showing in a few places in Key West. Rusty found one:
A quiet summer's afternoon in December working away at a job to make Key west more livable. I think he was building a wall.
When I started this blog I wanted to show daily life in Key West with street scenes to give an idea of what you might find here. I was motivated to because I wanted to find other people around the world doing the same thing. There are lots of places I'd like to armchair travel to but it's not easy to locate pictures of places flung around our varied globe. Me? I'm still at it.

I think we should start a campaign to teach people to raise their bicycle seats for comfort and increased efficiency. However the recent election has taught us, if nothing else, that self interest doesn't motivate people much. Image and fashion and peer pressure seem to be much more important.
Bicycle as work truck. That's a leaf blower in the trunk.
Life in Key West.