Friday, June 18, 2021

Bahama Street Ghost

I don't spend the life I am living pondering the unlikely possibility of a life after this life. I am in a minority when it comes to expecting death to be the end so I find myself tolerating excited explanations of the supernatural. It turns out a disembodied piece of ectoplasm lives behind the sign.
It's supposed to be some character, a seafarer as I recall, who apparently feels no compunction about appearing to everyone else but not to me. Rusty  sensed no extra sensory apparition, or if he did he ignored it. There is a cemetery dating from the original church built in 1838, and where there is a cemetery there must be ghosts. I fully expect you to feel a cool clammy hand around your heart the next time you tip toe by...
On a more practical note I recall the ghost of the former Carriage Trade at this place. It was run in eccentric style by two elderly men set in their ways and I delighted in eating here. It was a set menu, chalked on a  board for a set price which if satisfactory you took at an outdoor table in the back courtyard. It was old world and delightful. I felt like a small boy eating lunch at school and anxious not annoy the rather revere lunch monitor. All that is gone, vaporized by the mists of time.
I was quite pleased to see a sign explaining The Studios of Key West has taken the building over to use as a place to store artists in residence. A worthy use for the former carriage trade and soon no one will remember the meals they used to serve.
Rain threatened and later the rain pelted down all over the Keys as another tropical swirl is building up in the western Caribbean sending gray skies and rain all over the place. Rusty and I got out for a morning walk before the rain and spent the rest of my day predictably sitting at home with a snoring dog and wintery scene of mist and slashing rain and noisy wind gusts.
I don't suppose I'd have the nerve to go in if it were open but come to think I've never actually seen a sign saying we are open please come in. At five in the morning they are definitely closed.
I saw two chickens on the umbrella. A photograph seemed a requirement. Rusty was miles away by now crunching things he was finding on the sidewalk. I'm not sure why but he seems to be developing an interest in found food. Its for lack of being fed at home that's certain. 
I liked the light on the shutters at the Bull. In general I find this bar to be the most photogenic on Duval Street so I keep going back and taking a picture to remind myself. One day I might buy a drink there. 
Abstract with ferns and blue lights.