Thursday, January 13, 2011

Duval And Petronia

The fog blew off and yesterday dawned gray and cold with a cold north wind making the place cold. Did I mention how cold it was yesterday?
Shown above is my hands down all time favorite ice cream parlor, Flamingo Crossing at Duval and Virginia. I prefer their tropical fruit flavors -soursop tops the list- but when it is less than 70 degrees out it's hard to think of ice cream. And for people who live here it felt cold yesterday, really:
For odds and ends and what they call "notions" in the Bahamas check out the convenience chain store at 1075 Duval. No neon sign posting here.

My every effort to photograph Duval Street ends up in failure in my mind, but I keep on trying. I can't seem to photograph the essence of what I'm looking at. Perhaps the street itself is too much of a jumble to captured in one measly digital image, or a dozen, or any number.

There are lots of galleries and interesting shopping on this end of Duval. I'm planning on coming back down here to check out the Blackfin Restaurant with an interesting menu and not expensive entrées. It might be really quite good and the ambiance looked excellent. I hope a review will follow soon. Eclectic stores abound. Petronia at Duval is covered by an arch with the emblem of the Bahamas- onward and upward they say. An office for a grand all thrown in? Sounds like a deal and you might want to live there- illegally of course.
Some bits of Petronia look really quite grand. There was a wall standing alongside here to no visible purpose. Now it's gone and I'm still none the wiser as to what it was doing there.
This next structure put me in mind of New Orleans. In a good way.
The back of Curry Apartments with a No Trespassing sign that seems superfluous to me.
The Bahama Market is hanging on but the property is still up for sale. This old sign will be gone one day presumably. I think the weathered wood looks gorgeous.
Light was fading as we closed in on 6pm.
How can you not be entranced by Key West's architecture?
And you can own some of it:
But don't forget there are disadvantages to being in Old Town.
I prefer Labradors.
I was ambling down Whitehead and the light was going fast. Playtime was over in Robert Gabriel apartments. It was a good day for Cheyenne. And me too, even though it was still far too cold for Key West.