Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1300 Pine

It was time I returned to my favorite Key West neighborhood known as The Meadows. That's because this was once a meadow close to city limits. That was in an age when a dairy farm covered New Town and the cemetery was on the back side of the city streets that huddled around the harbor.
Nowadays The Meadows is a collection of pretty streets set in an easily navigated grid pattern, lined with pretty homes, plant life of all kinds and a sense that this neighborhood is a long way from Duval Street and it's bars and noise and bustle.The Meadows appeals to me thanks to the architecture, the absence of tourist attractions and indeed the complete absence of anything even approaching an inconvenience store.The Meadows is close to the shopping hub of Truman and White Streets on one side and the easy water access of Garrison Bight on the other. If you can't afford a canal home in the city, this is the next best thing and there are more homes here than there are homes on Riviera Canal or at Hilton Haven.This area is not part of the Historical Architectural Review Commission so the strict building codes that are enforced on the western edge of White Street do not necessarily apply here. And yet we see homes that are pretty and represent those qualities that make this town so rare on a continent devoted to crass styles of building that represent nothing quite so much as a quick buck. And a few outspoken opinions too.The meadows, from what I have observed is areal neighborhood with a relatively close knit community that can often be seen taking a stroll of an evening in these quiet and pleasant back streets.
What this piece of crime scene tape was doing was not at all clear. Old Florida details can be found all over the place. like these shutters. I am an unabashed fan of central air, what can I say?
Who needs all these cars?
" the Key West style..." of home building.
This actually is Key West home building.Excessively verbose, as is often the case around here. And ugly.
A surfeit of bougainvillea flowers.
Penguins in Paradise.
Pleasant signage, and not ugly.
Orange lobster claws I think. though I am horrid at labeling plants.
Dare I suggest this yellow stuff be honeysuckle?
A sunny day...
...the aftermath of a rain storm.That's why I like The Meadows.