Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugarloaf Stroll

Going out of town for a week makes you realize how much you miss your dog. It is good to get back into a routine and Cheyenne is happy to be out and about in the slightly cooler weather that October usually brings. Sugarloaf Key has home ownership opportunities too.Rate of Growth Ordinance (ROGO) restrictions are a big deal when buying land in the Keys. The state has oversight over the islands, rating them an area of special concern which means developers are frequently pissed off, property owners yell about property rights and buying a plot of land can means years of waiting in line before one can build. The restrictions came about to try to prevent over development in the Keys, a concept that is hard to believe in, sometimes, driving the Overseas Highway. Plots of delightful open space still exist. This could be yours.I am not a huge fan of dirt streets, not as a place to live, though I like walking my dog on these funky back roads.
The great thing about these large lots is you have more room than you might otherwise expect to find in these small islands. Horses anyone?
Wow! A whole ten percent? Wait a year and some prognosticators suggest land prices may have fallen by half across the US.
As usual I haven't a clue what it's called.
These really are lovely homes even if they have no boating access to salt water.
I'm told date palms won't fruit properly in the Keys because they need an extended period of drought and heat and around here it rains too much. Not that I would know.
Tropical greenery creates vast amounts of tropical yard waste.How this coconut got here, among the mangroves I'm not sure. This is not a canal. It's a street. I love these wide open spaces on these small islands.
I'll bet this said "No Trespassing" a long time ago. I assumed that's what it meant and turned away.
Nice scum, eh? Even Cheyenne avoided it.
This is not a chicken.
This is my dog.
She never gets enough time walking.