Saturday, July 4, 2020

Waterfront Walk

Rusty can be very patient with me when I put the viewfinder to my eye but he won't pose no matter how long I take to frame the picture. I liked the shadows of the posts all lined up but I shouldn't have minded at all had he chosen the moment to look over his shoulder at me...would he hell.
Some visitors to the Keys are being really difficult about wearing masks. Our numbers are going up, locals are not too happy but we are stuck with lots of people clumping together and an outspoken few make a fuss about covering their noses and mouths.  The idea is to wear them indoors and anywhere when you are closer to strangers than six feet. All that means you should walk around with a mask in your pocket if not on your face. Some people get quite creative with their storage solutions as they social distance:
Simonton Beach is officially a city sanctioned boat launch location. Most people launch kayaks but some people get serious as these tire tracks show:
I spotted the common or garden residentially challenged resident rapidly becoming an endangered species in our expensive gentrified town. Some lucky folk make homes afloat and come to town for supplies, others find quiet spots to hole up away from the conformity of the homeless shelter and the recovery programs available in town.
If it weren't so boring living on the edge with nothing to do all day I might envy them the panoramas of their idle al fresco lives:
I like to think the seating arrangements are far enough to inhibit the vapor trails of virus on the beach:
Three pigeons into two pieces of  bagel won't go; so they had to squabble and share the bagel pieces tossed by an overhead hotel guest.
I never did get into fishing unless it was at Winn Dixie. Others prefer to go out and hunt for themselves:
And some quiet mornings they leave a powerful impression of passing wakes to mark their departure:
Enough people and boat watching, time to get Rusty back to the car.