Monday, March 5, 2018

Blimp Road

I was discussing photography with a friend and she gave me a little nudge in the direction of filters on the camera.
I like my camera because it forces me to look and see instead of skipping and not noticing. It also allows me to look and stay an observer.  That was one reason I liked being a reporter, the ability to not get caught up in what I was watching. So re-thinking the use of filters I see new ways to see and where there is manipulation of reality it's obvious. I like realism but Mandy, a former Key West resident, pushes me to look, not just see.
This is  Rusty, clearly not as you actually see him with  just a mild color twist:
The views are limited wherever you live and travel daily. I sometimes resent the absence of hills and rivers in the Keys and when I wish for changing seasons I remind myself they bring cold, as  well as the all transforming snow, which though lovely to look at is unbearable to feel (for me).
Herewith some pictures of Blimp Road on Cudjoe Key, just another side road to nowhere...
 ... like every other road off Highway One...