Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sunset Marina

As part of my voyage of exploration on the little Jetson Bolt electric scooter from Costco I made my furthest point of exploration to be Sunset Marina on College Road.
Though these days it looks less like a marina and more like a housing complex:
When we decided to take jobs in Key West we moved off our anchor and took a slip here in Sunset Marina nearly 20 years ago. It looks much the same seen from here:
The office used to have a crane to launch small boats where the striped barricade is now: 
And this building behind the office was the only place where people lived in apartments, just three of them:
All these buildings are arecent innovation and when I went looking for a picture of the old parking lot I couldn't find my own so I cheated and found Google Street view from a few years back. From this:
To this (we are back to my own camera here!):
It  seems there are 15 building with parking underneath, as long as you coordinate with your neighbor. Their advertising offers two bedroom apartments  of 800 square feet at $2800  which may sound a lot but they offer all modern conveniences, not always the case in Key West and you can have a dog for a $350  deposit so I'm good with that! Happily I don't expect to need to live here but it's nice to know Rusty would be welcome.
This gate separates the marina property from the Sheriff's headquarters and jail and also the homeless shelter just to the right of the picture. The shelter closes in the morning so twice a day a stream of people unable to afford permanent housing passes by much to the discomfort of their housed neighbors nearby.
Here is where the apartments are:
And here the boats. Behind the boats are the Sunset Condos whose residents are carefully locked in by their own gate and they too object to the homeless of the Overnight Shelter. 
Don't be poor in Key West; no one will love you.