Friday, March 26, 2010

BPK:Blue Skies, Green Trees

This is Denver in March. Ha ha. But, to paraphrase a phrase about drunkeness, the roads will still be straight and flat in August. I am starting to feel a certain urgency to get Cheyenne out and about in the middle of the day as temperatures have been rising and cold fronts have been weakening.She takes full advantage of all opportunities.My great fear in extolling the virtues of these modest pine forests will lead people to think there is more here than there is. If you are used to sweeping views, there are none because everything is at sea level. You may feel alone in the world, and walkers on "your" portion of the island may be rare, but you unlikely to have been the forst person to have seen anything out here. Homes are never far away: There are bigger trees but these are not your classic "old growth" stands. The dog is eight years and four months so you could say she is.
There are more and more untended, abandoned homes for sale. It's probably not as widespread as Up North from what I've heard but they are here.
What prompted the home owner to stick this root on the fence I can't say, but I found the effect striking. With flash...
...and without the flash:
It's been a while since I was at the Blue Hole and Cheyenne was tugging to check it out is the famous Green Hole, a former quarry filled with rainwater off Key Deer Boulevard. There used to be an alligator here and the warning signs remain but the last I heard Bacardi hasn't been replaced. The alligator choked on a child's plastic toy dropped off the viewing platform. I doubt that ignominous death was reported alongside the dork who was swimming in a suburban canal and got drowned by a gator. She died and so did the gator for it's trouble. Bacardi died without redress. Two young men who killed two other gators here got jail time for their cruelty. It's hard to beat a human for the ability to be dangerous.
These guys don't feed your television fantasies of danger in the wild but they snap their hardest to impress.We'll let riepe decide exactly what this unfortunately shaped head looks like.Key Deer. They saw Cheyenne long before she saw them. She is not a trouble maker happily for me.
Nick, a tourist from England got over his fear of pink crocs (He later admitted they put him off engaging with me. Doing their job!) and stopped me to ask what I thought of buying real estate in the Keys.

He's been visiting for a while and we talked at some length about real estate, health care (he buys additional private insurance for his family) and the oddities of life in the US. His solution for healthinsurance reform is to lower the eligibility age for medicare. It seemed simple enough to an outsider I laughed. He was not impressed by my generally gloomy outlook and he thinks he wants a house on Big Pine Key because he thinks the market has bottomed out. I hope he's right.